Windows Store: 3D modeling software Designed for Windows 8/ Windows 8.1


The Windows Store used to be the Store which people don’t care too much, but no matter if you like Windows 8 or not, Windows 8 is the pre-installation for most of the new computers, people will get used to it. When I used Windows 8 one year ago, I couldn’t find so much applications in the store, it is seldom to find productivity tools. Finally, Windows 8.1 is released to enhance kinds of features to make better use of Windows 8, which features to bring more users to upgrade to Windows 8.1.

 3D Printing is the heating topic as Windows 8.1 also support 3D printing, I tried if I could get any 3D Modeling tools to work with 3D Printers, it was cool that I could also get the applications called ZW3D 2013, which works great in modeling and 3D printing. The most existing I see from this application is ZW3D developed the nice user interface which match to the Standard of Windows 8, if you are using Microsoft Office 2013,  you will find that how easy to start to use this application.

 In the past, we thought that 3D CAD program were difficult to learn, with time being, more and more people prefer to design something unique and special by themselves, 3D software vendors are paying more and more attention to the need. Nowadays, with the low-cost 3D printers and Windows 8.1, the trend of 3D CAD program should be easy to use like entertainment tools. The following are some screenshot you might interest a lot, ZW3D is quite simple and easy to use.

Interface of ZW3D and Microsoft Office

ZW3D and Office

ZW3D and Office

With the built-in show-n-tell Tutorial, 3D Modeling becomes easier for beginners



I also tried to see if I can get more 3D modeling application from Windows Store, but I couldn’t. ZW3D is the first 3D modeling software certified for Windows Store. I will pay more attention, and share more 3D modeling software when I see them from Windows Store.


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